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Default For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

.true story, when i first started training boxing I was around 148-150 had been a month so I started sparring and I was stronger and even faster than guys my size

...My trainer Merhav Mohar, you can go on youtube and check him out i think his record was 18-2(16 kos) as a pro also an isreali kickboxing champ, anyway he was like what are you gonna do when you can't overpower someone?

He forced me to spar this guy who was younger I was 21 he was 18 but had 20-25 pounds on me a lil less skilled but anyway we had to do 5 rounds(3 minute pro rounds, 30 second rest) and the first 3 rounds I could only throw a jab to the face and Just body shots, what he was teaching me was how to break down a larger guy, if i hit him with a power**** which I did a few times cuz of all the pressure he said I would have to spar him and I wanted no parts of that,

so the first round was hell, the 2nd was hard, by the 3rd round it felt like he was breaking down, by round 4-5 when I could throw power shots I was landing overhand rights, double and triple right hands, even landed a 4 punch combo that shocked me and I worked the kid eye was all swole and ****ed up it was a great learning experience...

.alot of people on this board dont know what it takes to be in the ring, never have put on a pair of gloves and went mano y mano...I've been in contact sports off and on my whole life and from experience, I did Tae Kwon do a while, wrestled two years in high school, ran cross country in high school, and ran track from 7th grade-10th far boxing is the hardest sport I have done, and for the record the boxing ring is the loneliest place I have ever been and I cant respect anyone who degrades guys who are pro and put their life on the line and call them bums and tomatoe cans, hell they wouldnt last a full 3 minutes
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