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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

Originally Posted by MIK1000 View Post
Can't really think of any off hand that are worth telling.

When I was about 15/16 I had a boy from my gym who had always been heavier than me and as a result he used to go easy on me in sparring, pulling his punches. One summer I grew a lot and eventually we were around the same weight. In my gym, a 50 50 spar with two guys going all out was always referred to as "Flat out", or "Flat oot" as we would say in Scotland.

Me and the other lad touched gloves and started the spar, he instantly drove me on the ropes and started teeing off with thundering hooks, left - right left right left right, with no real thought going into them. He was punching so franticly that I knew he would punch himself out (add to the fact that he wasn't fully fit). About 30 seconds went by and he had landed nothing clean. Never the less it must have seemed to on lookers like I was in trouble.

As I had predicted, he was gassed and I piled the pressure on him for about a minute, catching him hard shots to the body but not really hurting him. With about 30 second left in the round, he got his breath back and came ploughing forward looking to get me again. I took a step back and fired a 1-2 right down the middle which caught him him clean, he paused on the spot, swaying for a milisecond before falling forward like a tree that had just been cut down, out cold.

It was like an Ali-Foreman fight, only it took place in 1 round instead of 8. I Rope-a-doped in him one round.

Sadly I've never showed punch power like that in the several years that's followed. Lucky shot i guess.

Maybe it wasnt a lucky timed him perfect for that shot most likely
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