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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

I remember my first fight in front of a big crowd in the amatuers. I was a senior in high school and was fighting a guy who was 22 or 23 I believe. the fights were held in a large arena, where professional teams normaly played, and was to be televised. we were fighting Jimmy Ellis' team out of Kentucky I believe.

anyway, the bell sounds and I'm landing good. then I rock him hard and the ref jumps in giving a standing 8 count. so I jump back on him and we are throwin' hard and I catch him again, the ref gives another standing 8 count. So he lets us continue and I roll in hard with an over hand right that catches him hard on the side of the head gear. he began falling forward into me. I took steps back and he tried to hold on to me, still falling into me. Eventually he slid all the way down with his arms now wrapped around my legs holding on foir dear life. I fell to the canvas with his arms wrapped around my ankles. i figured that the fight was over because this would be the 3rd standing 8 in the round but the ref just cautioned him for holding once we were again to our feet. we s****ped abit more until the round ended. in the corner my trainer and I were happy about how things had been going even though the ref missed the knockdown when I was tripped to the canvas. This round I figured to be the last of the bout.

I again attacked an was finishing him off when I took a shot to my right eye. I don't know if it was a thumb or not, all I knew was that the eye was not functioning properly. The eye only sent messages of a blurring white haze as I tried to decipher the images presented. My opponent jumped on me and although I wasn't stunned I was hurt by the blurred vision. I held on, hoping that the eye would clear up, it didn't. He attacks hard and I'm fighting him off the best that I can with the impaired vision. I grab hold again and once the ref breaks us I jump on my bike and survive the round.

I don't remember what my trainer did in the corner between rounds but I met the next bell with perfect vision. I easily moved about the ring using my jab controlling my opponent until the final bell.

I got the decision and the ref raised my fist.

In the corridor from the locker rooms to the parking lot I was confronted by the man that I just fought. As I held an ice package against the swelling under my right eye my opponent started *****ing that he had won the fioght and that they just gave the fight to me. I laughed, after the first round and the hole that he dug himself I knew that he hadn't done enough to get himself out of that hole. then my normally cordial and friendly trainer tells him that we can finish this in the parking lot if it's something that he needs to do, we'll just kick your ass all over again. My opponents eyes opened wide in amazement as my jaw dropped to the floor. Man, I wasn't looking to fight anymore that night, luckily my opponent felt the same way and just walked away.
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