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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

Originally Posted by pugilistspecialist View Post
notice how alot of the internet boxers aint left a comment on coincidence
I should clarify, I have never been in an "officially sanctioned" match either - ammy, or professional. . .

I have just done sparring, and "unofficial" tournaments with other local gyms. . .

I am pretty much a noob - only been sparring for about a year. . .

I am realistic about my ability (I'm not bad at all) and boxing just being a very passionate hobby for me. . . I started way too late, and just don't have the time, etc. to fully dedicate myself to even attempt a real ammy, or professional career. . I respect boxing (and my health) too much to try to make a go without giving everything to it. . Still not to say I don't train hard when I practice, and I would like to have an amateur fight - at least one. . . but already invested my future in law school. .
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