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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

Originally Posted by pugilistspecialist View Post
damn man, thats whatsup ...fighting you are only one champ, honestly I want a long you been a trainer
Started in 1995 as a trainer in Georgia. First fighter I worked with (pro-level) was Keith Mcknight (heavyweight from Tennessee; I served as his cutman for the Phil Jackson fight).

Got trained by numerous former boxers in California (Mark Wills, Damion Franklin,etc) on how to work a corner effectively.

Got a big break in life, when a boxing gym opened up 10 minutes from my house. Went in, talked to the owner.....and have been with the gym since 1998.

Best advice i ever got was, don't look for the superstar, or the medal winners...look for the one's fighting with heart & determination. Superstars fade away, heart lasts forever.
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