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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

In the ABA's, I was up against someone in the Area final.

This lad I was up against was part of a team who had traveled to America and had huge success, the majority of their club was being touted for ABA success, and every other club heard about it.

My dad came to watch this bout with my uncle, his first time in a good few years. He had heard that I was up against a good kid and was proper nervous. I'll get this out the way straight away, my dad and uncles eye sight is ****.

Anyway, I'm on first (yes, I was that light). My dad and uncle are sitting very close to the front and see some kid warming up. My dad turns around to my uncle and says, "Look over there. I hope our Anthony isn't facing this kid. Look at the speed of him" My uncle agrees. They become increasingly nervous.

The bell for the first round kicks off, and I absolutely batter this lad for 2 rounds. At this point my dad and uncle finally realise that I was the kid they were watching warm up. In the 3rd round, I batter him again, definitely should have been stopped as I landed about 20 unanswered punches on the kid whilst he was up against the ropes.

My dads and uncles eyesight made the victory even sweeter.
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