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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

Originally Posted by Slacker View Post
Today was one of those days where things sort of fall into place.

I came to the gym (only open for 1-1 lessons on Sunday) and my coach was late. A couple guys I didn't know were hanging around, so I went in to work out.

Coach shows up and I hear him talking to this old timer and some other big guy about me a bit while I'm working. I can't make out what they are saying, but it's something about that I'm training to be the Super Heavy Masters guy on the gym team.

Turns out the old timer and the big guy are there with the only other fighter working out, a little guy named Mike.

In between rounds I learn that Mike and the big guy are both pro's, who I have never met, and the old timer is Richard. The big guy (Owen maybe?) starts asking me questions about age, height, weight, throw this combo, etc.. and finally comes over with mitts and asks me to work with him in the ring. We did about 4 rounds and I was whipped. Didn't do as well as I normally do, and I realized that all these guys are watching, talking amongst themselves and with my coach and yelling out instructions to me.

The end of the mitts and I'm gassed. I climb out and we all start bull****ting about boxing, and the old timer, Richard, tells me that he used to work with Ezzard Charles (extra cool because we are in Cincinnati) and he has worked with Buster Douglas, and Busters dad, Bill. Next thing I know, the three of us are sitting ringside getting a boxing history seminar from this old timer who was with Ezzard during the Rocky Marciano fight, who met Joe Louis, helped train Douglas for the Tyson fight...

I'm headed out and I have two pro's and this old timer who has been in the sport for nearly 50 yrs giving me a critique on my good and bad habits.

Anyway, pretty awesome surprise in what I thought would be a typical afternoon at the gym. Just thought I'd share it with some people who might appreciate it.

Posted this in the training forum a while ago, didn't get much response, but was one of the coolest things that happened to me since I've been boxing.

Side note... the old timer in the story is Ezzards cousin, and former manager, Richard Christmas.

I wound up talking with im a couple times and he's a real nice guy. Last I heard from him was after a guy posted on ESB that he was writing an bio on Ezzard. I put them in touch but didn't hear anything about it afterward.

Richard could talk and talk about "the old days" for hours and I could sit and listen. Crazy stories.
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