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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

I think my best sparring session, was when the coach put me in with someone of similar experience, I made him fight at my pace and I suprisngly did well by dodging most of his head punches by bobbing and weaving, then I got tagged with some tiny body shots, nothing as damaging since I had my elbows tucked in. The fight itself was extremely dirty as I was getting held down by neck and I almost got frustrated where I wanted to throw him down, so I retaliated his holding my neck down, by hitting some shots low on purpose.

Then near the end of the sparring round, I landed 7 hard jabs that made his neck snap back, if I threw a straight right I would've probably buzzed him, but this was my first sparring match back since I dislocated my shoulder and I was hesitant about throwing it.
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