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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

I have a few but they aren't anything special.

I once sparred with a guy that was 43 pounds heavier then me and had a 4 inch height advantage. Everything he landed hurt me. I thought he was a big guy so i threw a straight right to his body with everything i had. I hurt my wrist really bad and he didn't even flinch.
He was also older then me. It was scary to be honest.

My second amateur match ended poorly for me. I was so damn nervous that i could barely move. I landed a good jab and avoided his punches but he landed a perfect right hand on my forehead. The referee gave me a standing 8. Then i started moving and scoring. I even bounced off the ropes to land a left hook. But then he landed another right hand and i panicked. I covered up and bent low so the ref gave me another standing 8 and then he just waved it off.
After the match i was told the score and i think it was 4/5-2 for me.

Boxing is scary but itīs also fun. Most guys here have no idea what it takes to be a fighter.
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