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Default Re: For anyone who has actually been in the ring share a personal true story!!

My first bout wasn't even scored by judges (I don't think.) It was at a box and dine event hosted by my local amateur club.

I went to training on Tuesday, as per usual. But the whole gym had been decked out with bright lights, tables, chairs and stuff. Me and my buddy were wondering what the hell was going on.

We asked around and was told that the gym was hosting this box and dine event, so I figured we weren't going to train that night. I was right about that part.

Next thing, one of the trainers walks up to me and says "You're fighting tonight." Gulp.
Truthfully, I was scared half to death. I wasn't prepared at all to hear this news.

I had started training at the gym out of curiosity, because being a passionate fan of the sport, I wanted to find out what it was really like between the ropes.
So I had joined this gym and had been sparring and training for two months or so. I had had no fights up until this point, only several heated sparring sessions, and here I was now having a real fight with a kid from another gym.

It's one thing to be told you're having a fight in a few days, and quite another to be informed that you're going in there in a few minutes. I had zero time to mentally prepare myself, go through a warmup or anything. It was a **** feeling, to be honest.

The fight was pretty tough, this kid I fought didn't hold back one bit. Most of the fight was a blur to me. I was burning with nervous energy.
I feel I did enough to win, but a few of my friends at ringside said I got caught with a lot of big shots. I went home that night with a massive headache, but also proud that I had had my first fight.
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