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Default Re: Juxhin's Training Log

I cant keep up with this training log. Right now got my final exams.. thinking bout taking a year off school and box full time (twice a day at the moment) squeeze as many fights as i can.. AIBA has been introduced over here but they are looking for officials right now. Coach is working on the new gym and hopefully by mid May he'll have it opened just after i finish my exams. After that ill squeeze as many fights in as possible. Had the Boxing charity marathon last saturday, did really good. A manager spoke to me asked me how old i was and how long i've been training, asked me whether i fought before and said this was the first time i performed in public. He said i need more public confidence but im very talented and will make big money one day. If possible i will try not to work all summer and just box instead and see how it goes from there. My dream is big but my goals are short and realistic with help of my team and myself. A journalist who came to watch us spoke to me and asked me what inspires me so much. I said alot of things inspire me, but its mainly my team and I. We are nobody yet we run like horses, work like machines & fight like warriors which really sounded good. I just wish the best of luck to all my team and also myself cause together we push eachothers talents to its 110% .. this training log was always very inspiring remembering the progress over the months. Remember running the stairs on my own i would repeat "This is what is going to make me the best one day" .. my confidence has boosted up by alot but not over confident, i know what i do in the ring and whatever i do i either do it the best or don't do it at all. Nobody remembers the #2.
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