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Default Re: Anybody think Cotto will win then?

Originally Posted by JFT96 View Post
I think he is going to have a very good chance. Floyd's pot shotting tactics are going to be difficult to implement vs. Miguel IMO. And we're not exactly sure how much Mayweather actually has left, the Ortiz fight was hardly a good barometer of his sharpness.

Saying that Floyd's surprised me before by fighting in a different style and still being able to dominate. And I picked Cotto to beat Pacquiao too so maybe I'm well of with this one. But I'd really like to thing Miguel has what it takes to pull of the upset in this one.

A warrior and a great person too it seems. WAR COTTO!!!

I'm a fan of Cotto and I think he nicks a few rounds, maybe 4 on his way to a points loss.

I think Cotto would have a good chance at hurting Floyd if he showed utter contempt for Floyd's power and steamed in to him from the first bell relentlessly targeting the body.

There is little chance this will happen though and I think Cotto will be patient and work off the jab, stalking Mayweather and falling into enough traps to lose 8 rounds.

If Mayweather has declined or slowed any then it may look similar to Oscar/Floyd, with Cotto getting more success than expected with his jab, but Floyd still takes a decision victory home.
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