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Default Re: Big Daddy's Boxing Log - The making of a legend.

Another awesome night at the gym. Got two rounds of mitts in, couple heavy bag rounds, one round on DEB (that *****!)

Lots of calisthenics.

Two different coaches on the mitts. One told me that my hook is too wide last week. This week he said "oh yeah, i remember you, you have the wide hook."

We worked on footwork, stepping in place instead of coming straight in. He was trying to tell me to step in and back out, but I was circling away...which he said was "a more advanced move" but was cool to do.

I told him it was my Manny Pacquaio "creating angles" technique.

He didn't think it was funny.

We worked on letting the hands go, quick combinations, and he showed me that I'm throwing the 1+2+3 quickly (bang bang bang!) then hesitating before the next punches.

I started to let them go, I thought was I was compromising form for speed, but I did it anyway.

Second time I was in the ring with someone else, Marty, and he told me that I was compromising form for speed. Said I should recover my punches fully and the speed will come on its own, which I know is true.

Overall, good night at the gym!

Looking forward to running a 5K on Saturday.
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