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Default Re: Canvas Classics Schedule

Sorry, been away, work commitments and a connection slower than dial up is playing havoc. Hopefully this will work.

Saturday 23nd FEB

ESPN 2AM/12AM Boxing Series: Darnell Wilson(22[19]-5-3 vs BJ Flores(20[13]-0-1)

Sunday 24th FEB

Main Event PPV Klitschko vs Barney Rubble er Ibragimov

Monday 25th FEB

SkyRacing 11PM/9PM KOTV

Sky Racing 11.30PM/9.30PM Canvas Classic: Mike Tyson - Fallen Warrior

Wed 27th FEB

SkyRacing 9AM/7AM KOTV

FoxSports3 2.30PM/12.30PM Fight Sports Knockouts


Wow, thats woeful isn't it? Friday night fights moved to Saturday morning, one episode of Fight Sports Knockouts and its mid arvo. Weekend PPV and again Sky Racing with the Mike Tyson doco are the highlights. Next week should be able to include some expanded coverage of whats on KOTV, once again thanks to Mat Brooks.
Enjoy, I won't, forget to set the recorder and not home until the 28th.

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