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Default Re: Why do people say DLH took a dive against B-Hop?

Originally Posted by The Akbar One View Post
Sure if the shot has the same amount of concussive impact, which from multiple viewing angles seemed to be little to none. We have all seen devastating high impact body shots. I have never seen someone succumb to such a soft looking shot as that one though.
1) We usually don't see body shots taken too well from a much larger man. Make no mistake, Bernard was and is much larger than Oscar. A middleweight (who only made MW for so many years due to being such a gym rat, and actually possesses the size/strength of a SMW/LHW) hit a former super featherweight whose peak weight was 147 and who was a bit of a chunky monkey at 154 with a well-timed well-placed body shot. Was it your classic, devastating Mexican style left hook ripped hard with their whole body turned into it in a big exaggerated motion? No. It didn't need to be. It was a comparatively HUGE person hitting Oscar flush in just the right spot.

2) It really was just in the right spot. ODLH was leaning over to his left to try and brace up against B-Hop. This left his right side completely exposed if you reached behind the back of his elbow, which Hopkins seized upon the opportunity to do. He reached far past the elbow, and hit clean on all flesh. Doughy flesh covering some important digestive organs, which got liquefied. De La Hoya was hit square by the flat of Hopkins' knuckle padding, with all of his opponent's rehydrated 169lbs sneakily poured into it as Hopkins jumped forward with it.

3) His behaviors were consistent with someone being hit with a nasty gut buster. If ODLH were that good an actor - combined with his matinee idol looks - he'd have never had to lace up a pair of gloves as a pro. Just before Hopkins lands the inconsequential left hook to his face, you can see Oscar already slipping into a wincing and sagging motion against him. It was a delayed reaction, but it was a consistent one the evolution of which you can watch from the moment of the body shot's impact until the moment DLH actually starts to fall (a second after the weak follow-up left hook to the face).
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