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Default Re: Why do people say DLH took a dive against B-Hop?

I always thought it was legit, but still....there's always that doubt. As IB said above, those are the reasons on why De La Hoya went down, and why that was a legit KO. But, Nazim yelling "Body shot! Body shot! Body shot! Hey Oscar, body shot!" It doesn't make it look good. And in the previous round, Hopkins was saying something along the lines of "Yeah, this is my round" beating on his chest and what not. But if you hear the shot, (you can hear the shot really well in the DLH/Mayorga Countdown Show) it definitely sounds like a legit, hard punch. So, I don't know, I always thought it was legit KO....but I wouldn't be surprised if De La Hoya in one of his manic depressive state, come out and say he took a dive.

Oh, yeah, and De La Hoya's manner is so laughable. Let me bang my gloves a couple of times, lay here for a few more seconds....all right I think I sold it, Ima get up now.
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