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Default Re: Why do people say DLH took a dive against B-Hop?

Originally Posted by DemolitionDan View Post
But, Nazim yelling "Body shot! Body shot! Body shot! Hey Oscar, body shot!" It doesn't make it look good.
Here's what Naz was saying, timestamped by the HBO round countdown clock:

1:57 Punch with INTENT.

1:50-1:46 Body shot. Body shot. Body shot. Baaawdy shot!

Two seconds of silence from the corner.

1:44 Body shot!!!

Bernard swoops in and slaps at Oscar's sides with a right and a left before clinching, neither of which were caught well by the camera angle provided by HBO - but if you're paying attention you can both hear their smacks and plot out their logical trajectory.

1:43 OH, OSCAR!!

Six seconds of silence from the corner

Knockout punch lands @ 1:37 without Naz saying a word.

It's pretty clear to me that Richardson saying Oscar's name was done to mock him in the spirit of competition, not to warn him of anything premeditated or scripted out between them. Just listen to his tone. "Ohhhhhhh, Oscar!!" as in "I bet that hurt, huh?? Poor little baby..."

It makes Naz sound like a typical kid in the hood watching someone lose a fight on the playground, actually.
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