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Default Cotto gives insight into tactics, Floyd talks preparation, with JMM on Golpe A Golpe

The link to both videos is here. The Floyd interview is done in both Spanish and English with their bilingual broadcaster, and the Cotto interview in Spanish is there as well. Miguel talks about a few things-legacy, career, etc.-but I translated the most relevant boxing-related points here.

JMM: What did you focus on most in this preparation for confronting Mayweather?

Cotto: We’ve focused on everything, on everything…we’ve seen Mayweather to be very gifted…but not a Mayweather that’s really mean, who likes to fight. As we would say in Puerto Rico, he’s a coward with ability. His abilities have brought him to triumph, have allowed him to surpass the rest, but I have my abilities, and beyond my abilities, I’ve had the work of sacrificing myself in the gym, and in the moment that his abilities abandon him, my work and my sacrifice will lift me to victory.

Announcer Dude: Miguel, I’ve wanted to ask you: We imagine a strategic, calculated fight tomorrow based on the styles. We’ve never seen a boring fight from Miguel Cotto, but Floyd Mayweather, with his boxing based in his legs and backwards motion, could complicate things. How do you, Miguel Cotto, truly imagine the fight?

Cotto: No, I don’t know. If he stays planted in the middle of the ring, it will make my fight easier. If he decides to move, the ring has its dimensions; in any of its sides, he’ll have to deal with a corner at each end. We’ve worked to perfection, in every moment moving towards the corner, how to work him, how to avoid falling into his game, and how to put it in practice as we’ve done for so many weeks in Orlando, with such fervency, here in Las Vegas, we won’t have any reason to lose.


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