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Default Floyd vs Cotto - a total mismatch - Floyd does it again!!!

Cotto is undefeated - Margo didnt break his heart

Cotto is still undefeated - Manny beat a weight drained Cotto - not the same as the man I am fighting!!!

Its total rubbish.

To look at a fight you cannot simply look at one fight.

Cotto has looked slow and easy to hit in his three fights since being absolutelty battered by Manny 3 years ago.

Yuri Foreman - a very average fighter who gave Cotto some problems until pretty much retiring with a knee injury . This same fighter was beaten harder and cleaner by a Pawel Wolak , at best a club fighter.

Ricardo Mayorga - old and shot , yet Cotto still managed to get involved in a fight that wasnt great. Cotto looked really slow and again easy to hit.

Antonio Margarito II - I was happy with the result as Margo is a ****ing cheat - but Cotto was fighting someone so washed up that he should have been able to stop Margo without the need for Margo's previous injury.

Floyd knows all of this , has continued to sell a fight based on Cotto being beaten by cheats , regardless of this these loses still matter and were probably the hardest beatings I have seen in the ring for a while.

Cotto is completely shot and only after selling the fight has Floyd and his team now starting saying 'you got knocked out twice already' listen to the weigh in.

My prediction is a total onesided mismatch in which Floyd wins in around 10 easy rounds.

Cotto simply has nothing left and isnt the best at 154.

Floyd has done this before and will go on to fight Canelo early next year in a fight he claims is the best fight out there for him , when in reality Manny , Martinez and Lara are.

Peace and enjoy the nights boxing.
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