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Default Re: Anybody think Cotto will win then?

Originally Posted by liger05 View Post
Why do people think Floyd will pot shot. Floyd will walk him down just like he did v Mosley.
He didn't break Mosley down, didn't knock him down, or have him running for his life. Mosley was just too hesitant and was basically showing signs of being mentally shot.

Mayweather does not hit hard enough or put his punchers together good enough to stop Cotto.

Even against Mosley, Mayweather was throwing 1-2's then break...1...then break...1-2 then break.....Is that your idea of walking guys down, and breaking them down...?

Mayweather is just not a devastating offensive fighter at elite level.

Mayweather is a compubox fighter, a computer stats fighter, good at scoring points.
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