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Default Re: How would you move Alvarez?

Originally Posted by Vano-Irons View Post
I'd keep him well away from Molina if I were GB.

Saying that, he is starting to grow on me. I'm liking his left hook, both upstairs and to the body, and he also sets a few traps, which is remarkable for someone his age and experience. I'm on round 6 vs Mosley now, and he is dealing with the cut very well.

Who next? I'd like him to smash **** out of Kirkland, who's stock has risen a bit. I think he beats Bundrage as well. Like I say, he has started to really impress me
I put Molina in the same bracket as Lara. Different type of fighters, sure, but both are arguably better than Alvarez and Kirkland yet won't get a fair shake due to not being a 'name' fighter. (I know Molina fought Kirkland but that finish was BS, as was Cintron fighting Alvarez after being beaten by Molina.)

Alvarez might develop over the next few years, but I think he'll always have defensive flaws that guys like Lara will take advantage of. Kirkland is just overhyped and I'd be probably hop on board as a fan of Alvarez if he knocked him out. There's just something about Kirkland I don't like.
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