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Default Re: Stoppage in the Corley - McCloskey fight..

Originally Posted by TFFP View Post
How anyone can say thats a good stoppage I just do not know.

Theres one thing seeing a ****ty stoppage in a fight where a journeyman has no chance of winning...

Theres quite another stopping a guy in an important fight like this where he's clearly edging back into it, if not ahead, and had already been hurt previously and recovered. The guy was on his feet, and solid. Should have let it go and see what happened if Corley followed it up, now we have the 'what if' questions. Even Corley thought it was ****e.

Our refs are embarrassing the sport.
He was allover the shop for **** sake, a stiff fart would have floored him after corley caught him with that shot,just a shame he wasn't actually starched properly, dislike the little **** immensely. And ofcourse Corley thought it was ****, he wanted to knock him the **** out. And he would have if the ref had let it continue.
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