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Default Re: Stoppage in the Corley - McCloskey fight..

I don't understand it whenever someone says "he would have been stopped in ___ seconds anyway". Stop a fight when it deserves to be stopped, not because you think it will deserve to be stopped in a few seconds. A fighter deserves the chance to defend himself and if he gets hit unanswered a couple of times, so be it, stop it then. We're far too overprotective. I'm not saying it would have, but McCloskey could have held on, escaped the round and then gone on to win the fight. We simply don't know but the fighter deserves the chance to show what he has left.

A referees job isn't just to protect the fighter. That's not their sole job. They're also there to ensure it's a fair fight and also to make sure the fans get entertained. The referee is certainly protecting the boxer but I don't think the other two are even being considered when you have an early stoppage.

Our bad stoppages are infamous around the world. They're an embarrassment. How many truly great fights would have been allowed to happen with one of our pathetic refs? Castillo/Corrales? No. Gatti/Ward? No. Zale/Graziano? No. Bowe/Holyfield? No. You can go on and on with this but the point is simple: Our referees are overprotective and not only is it unfair to the fans, the fighters are also being punished by bad officiating.
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