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Default Re: Paquiao vs Hatton

Originally Posted by PacDbest
KG that's your opinion, I have mine. Hatton hasn't tasted Pac's fist yet, We will still see if he can withstand Pac's Power.

If you really see the future why is it you have a low score in Decebel's prediction league??? MY name's right there on top, that's bragging rights boy.
This post is so ignorant on so many levels.

First, you didnt answer his questions.

Second, its not an opinion. Its an ****ysis. Its weak to say whenever you are losing an arguement that all of this is "just opinion". Opinion suggests that you can't be wrong, whereas its clear someone can be wrong in an ****ysis.

Third, Hatton took Kosta's punch. You wouldnt seriously argue that Pac has greater power than Kosta, would you? And PBF KO'd Hatton with skills that Pac doesn't possess, so if you were thinking of going to the PBF doesn't have power card, don't.

Finaly, who cares about a prediction league. Hang out there long enough, and you will end up like everyone else- average.
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