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Default Re: Paquiao vs Hatton

Originally Posted by PacDbest
KG that's your opinion, I have mine. Hatton hasn't tasted Pac's fist yet, We will still see if he can withstand Pac's Power.

If you really see the future why is it you have a low score in Decebel's prediction league??? MY name's right there on top, that's bragging rights boy.
You have no bragging rights PacD. As far as I am concerned, the last time you and I openly debated the outcome of a fight, you were WRONG, and I told you verbatum why you would be wrong. Remember? Guzman vs Soto, when you said Soto was bigger and stronger and would hit Guzman all night with his right hand, and I told you that Guzman was actually stronger and had too much upper body movement and would close the gap and actually win the fight on the inside because of his handspeed and footspeed? How did that fight turn out? So yeah....don't talk to me about your bragging rights.

And you didn't answer any of my questions or counter my ****ysis, something you have a habit of. Whenever you can think of nothing, you simply say it's opinion. I offered no opinions actually, I asked you questions.

As far as the prediction league goes, it's 4 fights. Why is it you claim bragging rights when you get something right, and have nothing to say when you get something wrong? I got one fight wrong, and I have no issue with that. Does this make you better than me? Cuz if it does, what does my above mentioned fight ****ysis of Guzman-Soto make you? At least I own up to it when I get something wrong instead of making excuses.
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