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Default Re: Paquiao vs Hatton

Originally Posted by PacDbest
Pac's moving another 5 lbs for his next fight after JMM. Currently Pac is struggling to make wt at 130 where he's currently dominating. So it's safe to say Pac will be very competitive or will still be dominant at 135.

For the Hatton fight around November, Pac will be just training & will not worry about making weight anymore. So he will be free to eat all he wants, He's Body will be happy but we know also that Nobody trains like Pac. He'll burn all that Protein & turn it into muscles that will turn it into more additional Power. In this case Roach & Pac can very well concentrate on strategies & newly acquire Skills for Pac.

Currently after a month of training, Pac still weigh 140 lbs, he probably walks in for training camp aroung 150. Pac's in not a Malnourished Flyweight anymore, He's a 144 lbs Human Machine now.

Hatton Probably Partying at 170-180 right now but for weighin he's still be at 140, just the same as Pac. He might rehydrate at 155 but weight doesn't win fights. It's by Will, skills, speed & Power and Pac has all that now. PBF KO hatton using his Skills & Speed, Pac will do Hatton By Will, Power & speed. Weight doesn't matter.
All of this is based on how Pac will feel at different weights, which is a small part of the equation at best. It will be about how he carries his punch, how he takes a punch, how he mantains his endurance, how the weight affects his activity level, etc.

I think you need to think more about this and do so logically.
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