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Default Re: Paquiao vs Hatton

Originally Posted by PacDbest
You are really riding on that Soto-Guzman predicton ha??? Wasn't This fight a 52-48 in favor of guzman?? That's means 48% of ESB is wrong. Yes you are right, KG together with 52% of ESB has bragging rights over Pacdbest & the rest 48% of ESB members.

How about this, I got Bragging rights over 98% of ESB members on Donaire-Dachinyan. And KG never put out his Prediction on this fight coz he wants to be safe. How about I predicted almost all winners halfway of 2007 with exception of few like Guzzy-Soto??? That's bragging rights.

Is that means because you Predicted one fight right & I was wrong, you are a better ****yst?? Even in that fight, I previously pick Guzzy just change it because I beleive Soto can KO Guzzy. I was wrong there but I said also that Guzzy will be leading on the card. So I didn't predict that Guzzy has no Chance at all.

Count how many fight I Predicted right then compare to my wrong picks? Then compare it to yours.

Where's my challenge KG?? Predict the next big upset??? I almost have one already.

Oh my god. I fell on the floor laughing when I read that. I am riding on one prediction? I never bring them up....unlike you who brings up your Donaire prediction in nearly every thread (and you brought it up again here, which makes it even more comical.

I never predicted the Donaire-Darchinyan fight cuz I didn't care lol, not because I was playing it safe. Why assume that anyways? Based on what? I only make predictions when I feel like it, have no need to prove myself or toot my own horn. I had to be ASKED to join the prediction league because of this (ask Decebal)

You're the one who brought up predictions son. Live with it.

I predicted alot of fights right last year. Got 2 wrong. Pavlik-Miranda, Margarito-Williams. Thing is, I don't care lol. You keep bringing it up. Oh and Guzman-Soto wasn't the only one you got wrong. Remember Arce vs Rojas?

As for your challenge, I will tell you the same thing I told you last time. You can never challenge me PacD. I offered you a challenge first for an open debate, and you turned it down then changed the subject when it was brought up again. So you can't challenge me now. On top of which, your challenge makes no sense.
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