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Default What was your scorecard for Pacquiao-Cotto?

Just rewatched out of interest. Nowhere near the whitewash that I remembered, probably because I had only been watching boxing for half a year or so. Very competitive I had 106-101 for Pacquaio. Gave Cotto rounds 1,3,6,8. Almost gave the 11th but I thought a few Pacquiao straight lefts made the difference.

Thing that I did not remember was just how biased HBO crew were that night. F-ck, they were biased. Cotto snapping Manny's head back with jabs, landing solid left hooks and crosses. But all you hear is "second coming of Henry Armstrong".
Cotto blocks a flurry and lands a counter left: "Manny is a machine".
Cotto dances around the ring and potshots Pacquiao in the 8th: "Cotto looks like he's given up".
Cotto blocks and slips a flurry against the ropes: "Miguel can't see the punches coming, the corner should stop this"

It was a great fight, and a great performance by Pacquiao but jesus, HBO suck. If you listen to audio only you would think Pac-man put a picture of Cotto on a speed bag and hit that for 12 rounds.

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