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Default Re: Paquiao vs Hatton

Originally Posted by PacDbest
I'm not campaigning, I'm just Playing with you guys. I'm not interested in the position anyway. I joined here coz I see something on Pac that most of you guys didn't see. And I keep barking that Pac is Phenomenon, that he will be the 1st to KO EM, That Pac vs PBF will happen, That Pac will end up on the top 10 ATG, that Pac will beat hatton, pbf & maybe DLH. That's my thing from the start & it's happening little by little.

Predicting fights is just my past time here. I bark wherever you guys belittle a fighter that IMO can beat the other guy. Pacdbest is a Pac Fan first before a Boxing fan. But I support exciting Boxing.
That's a lie.

And the 2nd part is why you are not respected. Period. End of story.

The other stuff is BS PacD. One of those things has come true. None of the other things. And you also said Pacquiao would beat Morales the first time...and you were wrong.
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