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Default Re: Khan bout in jeopardy

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post

-How did extra testosterone help him fight the right fight?
-How do you know he didn't have difficulties this time and felt he needed help? A lot of people saying he was massive, so maybe after losing a lot of weight he needed help to train?

I'm not making excuses for him (I'm no fan of Lamont's, moreso of Khan) but to write off the last fight is ridiculous IMO, we don't know what T/E ratio he's posted, nor 100% whether it IS testosterone yet!
You're just playing Devils Advocate!! Anyway why would someone just decide to use PEDS after a fight in which they won it naturally!! It is well known PEDS would help him absorb more punishment and recover quicker!!

I just can't see him deciding to use PEDS for the first time in this training camp. I would put serious money on that he used PEDS for the first fight and he's probably thought '' **** it '' I'll risk using em' for this fight even though there is random testing.
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