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Default Re: Sky's attitude towards Haye Chisora...

Dave, Haye is not an angel either mate. He has gone on record as saying he makes girls in nightclubs give him a kiss on the lips when they want an autograph, and makes blokes do 20 push ups when they want an autograph. If they cant do 20, he refuses to give them one. Thats a **** move, Considering us fans pay his wages! I've also heard 2 stories of his womanising antics, including a story with a mate of mine which I won't repeat.

He slagged off the Klits heritage (*****ko), and insulted the brothers left right and centre. I seem to remember something about him slagging off their religion as well. He does all of that, while falling to pieces in the ring, and blames a toe injury. He continually called the bothers out, and then shamelessly ducked them twice, instead choosing to fight Valuev and Harrison of all people. At least Chisora backs it up when he does ****.

The spit was massively uncalled for, and Chisora should be disaplined for that. But the other stuff isn't too bad at all. A slap at a press conference? It's been done to death before. Larry Holmes did a fly kick, but most people don't remember that when slagging of Del.
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