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Default Re: Sky's attitude towards Haye Chisora...

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
Chisora beat a woman up. He's bitten an opponent. He's ***ually assaulted another. He slapped Vitali with no provocation when he knew security would rescue him. He spat water in Wlad's face for nothing. He then approached David Haye, surrounded by his entourage, got himself clocked and then threatened to shoot Haye.

Haye punched him in the face and swung a tripod around.

Hmmm... yes, Haye did just as bad if not worse. Utter *******s, which happens to be the only thing anyone offers in Chisora's defence.

Regardless of whether Floyd did something worse, at least he actually wins his fights and tends not to disrespect and commit common assault on his opponents.

Yes you are right Chisora has also assaulted a woman, disgusting and cowardly, so why wasn't he suspended for this? Was it less serious than events in Germany? No way!

Yes Chisora's behaviour towards the Klitschko's was wrong and inexcusable, although as I and many others have pointed out, many others throughout boxings history have done worse and have not been punished.

The reason Chisora was called before the BBBC and the reason that the fight made the wrong headlines around the world was because of the post fight press conference fracas, and I'm afraid that that David Haye was equally reponsible.

And finally the fact that Mayweather actually wins his fights has no bearing whatsoever on his situation, and shame on anyone for suggesting otherwise.......
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