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Default Re: Correct, Wlad...

Originally Posted by Malden View Post
Sauerlands German cards are always by Way of Austrias federation. And two of their Danish cards had one fight each comissioned by Austria.
The reason that Sauerland cards are unter Austria supervision is because of some racist behaviour by German boxing federation few years ago. As you probably know Wilfred Sauerland first started his boxing promotion and managment with fighters from Africa. He always gives the chances to the best, not mather what their skin color is. And German boxing federation tryed to push Sauerland. This is why all Sauerland cards are under Austrian supervision.

Haye is nice guy outside the ring. Yes, he may speak a lot, may cut heads, but this is part of promotiing the fight. On the other hand Chisora must be banned by international boxing bodies, who may control national boxing bodies.
I see the public interest in this fight, but it will damage boxing authorities power if it's switch on!
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