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Default Re: Sky's attitude towards Haye Chisora...

Originally Posted by ChristoDuran View Post
As much as Allegedly does my nut sometimes, he made a very valid point about the F1 in Bahrain, a sport Sky have poured millions into at the expense of boxing. I also liked his point about racism in football. I'm not football fan so i have no allegiance, but the way Liverpool handled Suarez was appalling, for somebody who is even accused of racism to be supported so publicly is an enormous error. No other sport seems to have to take such a moral stance, so why boxing.

Oh, and **** off Kay Burley. Having a go at Haye for having a s****, this is the woman who was almost done for assault for strangling a fellow journalist. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

And Wladimir can **** off. I'd sooner watch this freak show than his last fight where he beat up an ancient pygmy snail-snaffler.

Rant Over.

Spot on, the way the West, and Saudi Arabia has backed the Bahrain government in suppressing the people is huge double standard so great bit of wit from Audley mentioning F1.
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