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Default Re: Brook/Jones Proksa/Hope II Rees/Matthews II 7th July

Originally Posted by Lilo View Post
You're the epitome of what I've said for a while here; that Derry is ridiculously overrated.

I'll repeat what I've said in previous threads:

Rees - former 'World' champ at LWW, European champ at LW, former British champ at LW, prizefighter winner. Lost once against a world class LWW who also had an Olympic silver.

Mathews - British champ at LW. Has been stopped 6 times at LW and lower.

Its a complete mismatch.

Yes, Crolla was an excellent result for him; but he's only given so much credit because he was such a big underdog and not because Crolla was come kind of top class operator.

Mathews is very vulnerable but does have a dig. I don't buy that he has this great 'heart' either, not after six stoppages.

"Re****" - good one
OK let's look at all the stats then if you're so keen to bring them up. Who has Rees beaten who is better than Derry in his career? M'Baye obviously and I'd say Mezaache, being away from home too, are definites. But Murray? Watson? I don't think so. And I'm dismissing his Prizefighter wins here because, although at times fun to watch, to include that as a major prize when talking about a fighter is very misleading IMO.

Mathews meanwhile has shown his clear quality and boxing skills throughout his career and that was the point I originally made which you seemed to take issue with. Obviously, he has terrible punch resistance and that's what's held his career back but that doesn't detract from his boxing ability. Having a great chin is a blessing, not a skill you know.

Anyway, you seem to be in the minority in saying that it's a "complete mismatch" and the eveidence of the first time round, although not conclusive in any way, would seem to indicate that you are wrong too. If Rees was so clearly miles ahead of Derry, I'd have thought he'd have got him out of there within 4.
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