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Default Re: Sky's attitude towards Haye Chisora...

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
What the ****s your problem you mong..? This is not horse riding.

So what if David Haye & Dereck Chisora had a brawl, this happens all the time. And the fact of the matter is, that's not the only reason the fight is happening. Derick Chisora is a proffessional boxer, he is the former british champion, former world title challanger.....if David Haye had a brawl with some no mark fighter, who was not even in the worlds top-100..? I doubt he was be fighting that fighter.

This fight is happening because its good business, and boxing is a business. No laws are being broken, by this fight happening so.......

Stop crying you ****ing mong.
Looks like you're the one who's crying.

Did you even read my post ?
Yes, this fight is happening. That's good. I think that's a good thing, you ****.
Even though neither of them have shown much fighting prowess (inside or outside the ring), it seems like a decent match-up. And will draw a crowd. I never said I was against the fight happening.

What I'm saying is this : Chisora is a ****ing loon, he's unpredictable, a liability. We all know that. That's Dereck Chisora.
He acted the fool in Munich, and obviously got his license taken away because he's a ****ing loon.
So, if people on SKY are taking the view that he shouldn't be in a professional boxing ring, anyone with a brain will understand their point.
It's that ****ing simple.

All I see from the cry-babies here is that the fight is happening and everyone is supposed to say 100% nice things about it.
Which is just stupid.

You can be for the fight, but you don't have to ****ing cry any time someone points out that Chisora is unfit to hold a BBBofC license.

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