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Default Re: Brook/Jones Proksa/Hope II Rees/Matthews II 7th July

Originally Posted by Lilo View Post
Well you seem to rate Derry so highly, I'm inclined to say that Rees hasn't beaten anyone better than Derry Yeah you've named two, I'd say Murray is better and I'm not allowed any from PF so there you have it.

Convenient of you to disregard Prizefighter aswell...but for the record Rees won at LWW and Derry was stopped (again) at SFW. Irrelevant, I know.


You say he's showed "quality and skills" but at what level? Rees has shown better quality, skills and punch resistance at a higer level AND weight.

It is a mismatch based on levels, its irrefutable. Rees has mixed (briefly) at world level, currently at Euro. Derry has been stopped at Brit level many times.

The fact I'm "in the minority" is the point I'm making; that Derry is waaay overrated.

Perhaps I'm just a re**** though
Fine, you have your opinion on it and I think you're wrong but at least you've put your reasons down for saying so. I just think you'll see that Rees & Mathews levels are a lot closer than you actually think they are come fight night.
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