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Default Re: Is Khan the most unpopular?

some things that annoyed me about Khan:

How many ****ing superfeatherweight non-punchers did they feed this guy at the start of his career?

his fans...oh dear god his fans..

selling completely overpriced merchandise and DVDs to make money of his deluded fanbase, his story so far was a 50 minute DVD that sold for 20 quid.

running people over in his car

those damn flurry stoppages, just annoying

the **** he spoke at the start of his career

the **** he speaks now

"Khan joins the greats on sky"... what a disaster that was

the treatment of Oisin ***an before their fight

the complete and utter exploitation of a legend in MAB just to get his name on Khans record

copying Pacquiaos arm raising move

the **** he talks...again..sorry but Khan does not have the charisma to come out wit hthe garbage he does.

crying after getting beat by Peterson, IMO a fight he lost pretty clearly (at the time, before the drugs **** came out)

having said all that, hes a great fighter to watch, hes just not very endearing.

EDIT: oh jesus how did I forget, the most annoying thing of all, TEAM KHAN and his little entourage
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