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Default Re: Brook/Jones Proksa/Hope II Rees/Matthews II 7th July

Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
It's tough for him cos i felt Proska went in believing it would be a knock over job and the cut affected him and Hope took advantage of him being ragged.

It was a inspired display from Kerry, He'll need to use the jab once again and really put it on Proska who i think is a flat track bully of a fighter and when it's coming on top becomes dirty. Hope will need to mix it up behind straight punches and a high held guard. Force a good pace and expose the flaws in Proska's style again.

Winnable fight, Proska will be better this time so Hope's got it all to do but he can beat him but i'd slightly favor Proska just got a feeling Kerry will struggle to match that display again. Saying that though he's now a champion! He'll train even harder i'd like to think.
Cheers for that Skills, appreciate your ****ysis.
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