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Default Re: Frank on Talksport 10:20

Originally Posted by Legend X View Post
I understand. But the WBA are a world governing body, and the British board does reserves the right to approve or disapprove. They wouldn't let the WBA sanction fighters to fight here who they have already judged to be 'unfit' (mentally or medically). Do you understand that ?

A few days ago no one - absolutely NO ONE - here would have disputed the fact that "licensed" to fight professionally in the UK means licensed or approved (medically etc,) by the British Boxing Board of Control.

Everything else was considered 'unlicensed' or bootleg, or white collar boxing, "semi-professional" etc. etc.
That's what everybody previously thought, but as has been proven legally that's not the case. The BBBofC might have had a monopoly on sanctioning fights here, but that doesn't mean they are the only ones capable of doing so. I'm not saying it's a good thing - I'm pretty sure it won't be. But that's the reality of the situation and there isn't much the board can do.
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