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Default Re: Frank on Talksport 10:20

Originally Posted by Bajingo View Post
That's what everybody previously thought, but as has been proven legally that's not the case.
Legally I can issue boxing "licenses" too. The point is, who will recognize them as valid ?

Boxing licenses are not legal documents. They are just a convention. You can fight unlicensed legally, or with a mickey mouse license if you want.
The BBBofC's licenses have always carried a fair amount of weight though. The BBBofC is considered a high-standard boxing authority. That's because - and why - it has held such a monopoly in prestige in this country.
Something that is being challenged and eroded now by this promotion.

The BBBofC might have had a monopoly on sanctioning fights here, but that doesn't mean they are the only ones capable of doing so. I'm not saying it's a good thing - I'm pretty sure it won't be. But that's the reality of the situation and there isn't much the board can do.
Well, they can withdraw more licenses.
That's about all.

Within a few years, there might well be alphabet soup anarchy within the UK.
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