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Default Re: Haye v Chisora - Still on - 100%

Originally Posted by Legend X View Post
Careful in what way ?
They've made their statement, and have every right to withdraw their own licenses from any members they want.
This won't necessarily cost them anything financially.
They have a right if their bylaws are broken. But EU law supersede's their points of reference, so the BBB of C would if the matter went further, have to show the withdraw of a (hypothetical) licence was done in such a way as to not infringed EU rules.

I suspect it will not go that far, and either there will be a compromise with Frank et al; or the BBB of C will not follow through with their threat.

Yes, Warran might bring them down completely, just by undermining them. Every boxing and promoter in the land will view the BBBofC as just another shabby outfit if the biggest promoter and his fighters leave en masse to fight under a different banner.
This is true and may in due course, force the Board's hand. But for the moment I believe they will hope Frank's actions are a one off, as they assess their legal position.
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