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Default Re: Everything wrong about boxing preceded by everything right.

Originally Posted by jeff thomas
You believe what sports network tell you... you want to watch him fight bum after bum when he could be having a meaningful career? Thats all that will happen- next time we'll step him up, then they don't .... but they keep promising us something special 'next time'... its a joke and with all your posts you should be smart enough to realise that.
I'd prefer him to fight Romanov, obviously

That said, I can't jump on the incessant anti-Khan bandwagon, when he's fighting the guy that is number 1 ranked, rightly or wrongly

If this gets him a fight with Katsidis/Casamayor next time out nobody will be complaining. The same sort of pricks that called Macca a ducker only for the fight to be made out of the blue will look foolish

If he fights another bum, I won't be defending him
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