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Default Re: Everything wrong about boxing preceded by everything right.

Originally Posted by jeff thomas
Well where you are now mentally with Khan.. thats where I was pre St Clair. I'm not anti Khan in the slightest. I like him and think he is quality but he is been mismanaged.
St Clair wasn't number 1 ranked anything though was he?

He was supposed to be a step up in class. He'd been in with the best, he'd never been knocked out. He was there to take Khan 12 rounds, and that he did. I thought it was a valuable fight for Khan

I can't say I'm thrilled with the decision they've made, as I've said Romanov is a much better fighter. But at the same time it is not worthy of such criticism, because if they truely have that big fight in mind it will be worth it. Katsidis and Casamayor are tied up, I see this as a logical fight in the mean time

They will really have nowhere to go after this fight, it will have to be the winner of Thaxton/Romanov or Kat/Casamayor. If nothing materialises, even I will give up on them
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