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Default Re: Szpilka Walker sparring

Originally Posted by PartALLthaTImE View Post
It's hard not to love Szpilka.

He is incredibly entertaining, perhaps too much so for his own good. He tries to go for the KO, throws brutal punches and has shown some real moments of genius so far. His style is fantastic.

However, his comments on Basile worry me a little. He seems to underestimate the guy, been chasing McCline and not getting that fight.

Basile is a tough guy though, ranked #64 on boxrec, 60 professional fights and won his last two fights via KO. Not bad, quite probably the best opponent he has faced so far (Beck is done)
No way is Basile the #64 heavyweight in the world. Boxrec massively over-rates the South American HWs.

I agree that Szpilka's comments are disappointing. He hasn't looked amazing in his fights to date and Basile is better than anyone he's faced so far. McCline is a name but he was beaten by Harold Sconiers a few months ago and isn't really any better than Basile. Plus, Basile is a ****ing G. I thought Malik Scott's tats were sick. Jesus, check out Basile's:
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