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Default Re: Jeff: If Pacquiao fought Cotto at154 lb it will be a different outcome

Originally Posted by ThaWiseJester View Post
It would be different because Cotto would have taken his punches better,maybe still would have lost but it was also he fought the wrong fight that night..
Taken his punches better? Not so sure about that, Mayweather was able to wobble him don't forget. This weight-drained garbage is a **** poor excuse. Only time Cotto ever looked weight-drained was at 140 where his chin looked very shaky in numerous fights vs various levels of opposition which led critics to question his chin back then.

Originally Posted by PNoyFightF****N View Post
Seriously dude? just stop. Pac doesn't get bloated at any weigh in. He steps on the scale after lunch with a smile on his face because he walks around at or under the WW limit during training camp. It's really not that hard of a concept. Floyd does the same thing. They might eat a liiiitle less or not drink water after dinner the night before the weigh in but there's no bloat involved. Should Pac be maximizing his resources and size by fighting at 140? probably. But he isn't at any sort of weight disadvantage physically by fighting at welter. He's not bloated, he's not overfed. He trains, he weighs in, he fights.
Didn't say he was, just that there was more of a chance he was than Cotto was weight-drained. Had he lost to Cotto that's what the excuse would've been (Marquez vs Mayweather=bloated, Marquez vs Pac=best shape of his life). he was fighting at his highest weight and training down/up to 6lbs more than his previous fight having spent his entire career, bar a few fights, 15lbs below the weight. Whereas Cotto trained down to 1lb less than what he had been cutting down to for a few years. I'm just thinking of the haters

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