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Again AllyT, good point.
What will Amir be like be he's under pressure, on the back foot. We know he can move, box, and punch. What happens in rounds 7-10, followed by the championship rounds when he's thrown everything and can't get an opponent out?
I really think he'll fare well.
There are a number of scenarios to play out here.
If he can out box Willie (possibility if not a given) then he'll be happy to tuck rounds under his pro belt and take a decision, of that I'm convinced. The crowd might not like it (most Khan fans from TV coverage appear to be band-wagoners or casual) but that's just tough.
If Limond can take Khan to the later rounds (potential of slow-down, punch-out, etc.) then he's a great chance.
If he can catch Khan early (he's not a devastating puncher - but will have enough ****nal to hurt Khan if he can catch him cold enough) then he'll keep Khan away I would guess.
If he can out box Khan for 2-3 rounds then this would be really interesting as we know Khan is come forward, likes to throw punches and is generally a ring aggressor. This scenario might be the most interesting.
I can't wait.
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