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Default Re: Has the Heavyweight Division ever been this Good?

Originally Posted by Sardu View Post
I find white racists just as distasteful as black ones. You are just a lowlife skinhead who hates all people of color. You are probably calling them all 'mud people' because they aren't white. You live vicariously through white boxers like the Klitschko brothers. The difference is they are not racists like you. They don't care whether the opponent is Ukrainian, black, white american, etc. Deep inside you have an inferiority complex and you are afraid of blacks which is why you hate them. People like you are the dregs of society. You use the Klitschko brothers dominating heavyweight boxing as a badge for your racial pride which is really an inferiority complex as I stated before. You will no doubt hurl a bunch of sop****ric vitriol and profanity after reading this. But that is only because you know I am right. You hide behind tough talk but you are really a paper tiger. No honor, no intelligence to speak of from your perspective. So just commit suicide and admit that you are a blight on the world. A complete zero. A total loser.
Long winded and pretentious

Why did you suddenly take the moral highground after charging into this thread, hurling childish insults? Because I clearly ****ed you off by playing your own game. Now you are some innocent victim that did nothing to derserve such "racist" treatment.

Drop me a PM if you are ever in California. We can train a bit. Allow me to show you how much of a "paper tiger" I am. Perhaps you can tell everyone at my BJJ/MMA gym that I am an insecure racist.
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