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Default Re: Has the Heavyweight Division ever been this Good?

Originally Posted by Nosbor View Post
Long winded and pretentious

Why did you suddenly take the moral highground after charging into this thread, hurling childish insults? Because I clearly ****ed you off by playing your own game. Now you are some innocent victim that did nothing to derserve such "racist" treatment.

Drop me a PM if you are ever in California. We can train a bit. Allow me to show you how much of a "paper tiger" I am. Perhaps you can tell everyone at my BJJ/MMA gym that I am an insecure racist.

You did sound like a racist when upbraiding me but that is your prerogative. however, this is about what I did wrong. Yes, my posts were childish and vulgar. Especially the one I directed at you. With Mother's Day being tomorrow I especially want to apologize about the disgusting remark I made to your address. I am really ashamed and disappointed in myself for it. I have never been to California and don't think I really have a good reason to go out there. I live on the east coast. I made a mistake and reacted in a foolish way and I now repudiate my prior remarks on here. Now I feel less dirty and cleansed. Once again I really messed up this thread and I apologize to you, Jack London and the fellow from Denmark who put me on ignore. To everyone who read the trash I posted. Now I feel better because I have a clear conscience. I wanna spend my remaining days being at peace with my fellow man.
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