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Default Re: Rate these 3 in order P4P: Ward, Donaire, Martinez and EXPLAIN

Originally Posted by megavolt View Post

Donaire of all 3 has consistently shown pound for pound level accomplishment and not just ability. He demolished his way up to 122, picking up some real P4P level wins, like Montiel. People take away from him because of his performance against a "negative" fighter like Narvaez. Super bantam is his 4th weight and people are already calling him to fight the best there. That speaks volumes.

Martinez beat Williams when both were P4P #4 and 5. By brutal KO. Then he moved up and whooped the man at MW in Pavlik and whooped a solid opponent in Dzinziruk. No one wants to fight him at 154. He looked a lil vulnerable in the Dzinz fight and on, but this was still at MW which is why I bumped him down but otherwise he'd be solidly on top.

Ward, while being the man to beat at 168 hasn't shown anything other than ambiguous "H2H ability" and "being the man" that shouts "P4P level" to me. He didn't beat any top 10 P4P, didn't beat any top opposition at other weights. He won the super 6 but that's it. If he beats Dawson AT 175 then he might have an edge against Martinez. In fact I have Ward on a similar level as Bradley in terms of accomplishments.

I agree with this. People forgot how big the Darchinyan KO was for Nonito, no one gave him a chance in that fight and he one punched him.

Didn't Martinez KTFO of Williams after he already beat Pavlik though? Or am I getting my dates wrong?
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